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Mar. 6th & 7th

Hey everybody!

This week we read a book (one of Mr. T’s favorites) called Actual Size by Steve Jenkins:

So our theme was animals…large & small!  This book has illustrations of animals that are drawn to scale, so that a giant squid’s eyeball is as big as the page!  And a goliath frop leaps accross three whole fold out pages!  Please check-out the book if you haven’t already…it lists several facts along w/ the pictures too, so it’s a decent reference book, in case you ever need to know how big the smallest fish in the world is : )

For our craft, we made “Gorilla Gloves”!  Where kids traced the outline of their hand (and sometimes wrote their names) on paper cut-outs of the open-palmed gorilla hand on the cover of Actual Size.  Then, we glued that piece onto a paper sack to that we could where them as…well…gorilla gloves!  I, of course, insisted on getting high-fives from everyone.

It was a real blast!  Thanks for all your helpful input, thanks to Miss Karie for the “glove” idea & thank LFPL for all their great ideas:[1].doc

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