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Feb. 28th & 29th

on February 29, 2012

Howdy folks!

This week, our theme was “We Miss You, Miss Sarah!”  She was our ToddlerTime leader, who has now, sadly for us (good for her family), put in her notice to be a full-time mom at home.  For those of you who were here for her several years of StoryTime excellence for the Queen Creek Library, I asked that you decorate a special card for her!

Here’s the truly wonderful work (I can’t wait to actually hand them off to Miss Sarah…she’s gonna flip & I’ll definitely get a picture!):

Next, we read one of Miss Sarah’s favorite authors, Ian Falconer, in Olivia Save the Circus:

As the DIY craft, folks got to take home a small “Olivia” book, where kids can make up their own story to fit the scenes of the book…or, they could just scribble on it.  Either way, it’s a work of art, I’m telling you!  This idea came from Scholastic’s own site, so don’t worry about any copyright issues, o.k.?

Here’s the downladable mini-book, in case you ever want to print one out yourself: CRAFT – Olivia make-your-own story

Thanks for the awesome StoryTime experiences – I can’t image my life without ’em : )


2 responses to “Feb. 28th & 29th

  1. This is soo sweet!! She’s gonna love them!

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